This Can Tell You if Your Canon 50mm f/1.8 II is a Fake


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  1. autofocused says:

    Michael! You’re killing me! Please banish the phrase “nifty fifty” from Peta Pixel forever more! The lens is anything but nifty and mentioning it every time there is a story about a 50mm is just plain lazy, the same way using the suffix “-gate” to describe a scandal (Watergate, Bridgegate, Pizzagate, etc) is.

    1. Gabby B. Dorrington says:

      Still, I’ve got my Funky Forty…

  2. dbltax says:

    You’ll know if it’s a genuine one if it breaks into two after a very light knock.

    Seen that happen to 3 or 4 friends now.

  3. Gabby B. Dorrington says:

    Now that the space glitch has been disclosed by PetaPixel, it won’t be long before the counterfeiters realise their error and fix it, making a determination between fake and authentic a little bit trickier for those not clued up on the small details.

  4. WillMondy says:

    My copy is genuine, and comes up with a genuine Err99 every few pictures until I remount the lens and try again.

    Luckily I don’t use 50mm on full frame so it has collected dust for 5 years!

  5. Vladimir Khudyakov says:

    Nikon – too?

  6. Rick Scheibner says:

    I’m not sure how these fakes can compete with Yongnuo’s blatant knock-offs.

  7. Africashot says:

    It is hard to understand for me how someone can go to such great length faking a product and then get something like this wrong, did they do it on purpose?

    1. MzUnGu says:

      Why bother with some minor details, 99.99% of the people never look at that embossing… I owned Canon for 20 some years, and I never bother to. 😛

      I am more curious how the optical properties compared, it might be better than the canon original. 😀

      1. Africashot says:

        Well said Bwana! It was in those Swahili speaking latitudes where I got used to using counterfeit stuff!

        1. MzUnGu says:

          hhaha… 🙂

    2. spacecadet says:

      It has been copied by someone who doesn’t read English, or even Roman script, and so doesn’t appreciate the significance of character spacing.

      1. Hogarth Ferguson says:

        But they are copying something, seems to me they could easily have copied the spacing as well.

  8. Brian Drourr says:

    I thought the new 50 1.8 had a metal connector?

  9. Solfaktor15 says:

    My 50mm 1.8 II (which I don’t use)… has no Canon imprints at all. Fake?

  10. Brian Drourr says:

    I thought the new 50 1.8 had a metal connector?

    1. Ivan Michailov says:

      I have the same 50! Is it real?

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