Steadicam Unveils Its Volt Stabilizer for Smartphones, Takes on the DJI Osmo


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  1. Jonathan Adams says:

    How about operate it upside down low to the ground…..nope….Now my fingers control the pivots…so my fingers are actually touching the thing the gimbal is trying to keep level….nope…. this is their third or fourth version of trying to do this with their old tech and it has never been that good…. Their dslr version was a failure compared to Glidecam….keep showing the 30 year old clips

  2. Richard Jackson says:

    So basically this is better because the follow pan PID settings are turned all the way up?
    Am I missing something here?

  3. Benjamin Von Wong says:

    so bulky… and doesnt support vertical.

  4. Graham Best says:

    I see what appears to be a major design flaw. The cradle apparently doesn’t extend, allowing the smartphone to shoot video in portrait mode, the preferred aspect ratio for many web videos.

  5. Simon Patterson says:

    Lok Cheung tried this at CES a few days ago. Looks pretty impressive. His video of it is on the Photogearnews channel on YouTube.

  6. darkest_star says:

    very tempting. but i can wait. cant trust kickstarter with anything.

  7. Obsidian71 says:

    Being on Kickstarter doesn’t instill a whole lot of trust.

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