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Sony Xperia Z6 Tablet release date, news and rumors


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  1. Prof. Zackery Wunsch says:

    couldn't agree more. Why must premium be defined as metal? Surely premium should be defined by the quality of the screen, it's speed, it's weight and the overall user experience. I hate metal, it's slippy and makes me nervous picking it up. I much prefer the rubberised texture that Sony has traditionally used. Please don't change it Sony.

  2. Mathilde Wisozk PhD says:

    There is a load of rubbish talked about premium. I'd far rather have a polycarbonate back than a glass one.

  3. Laurianne Bauch says:

    Just an FYI, the Xperia Z4 tablet does support Quick Charge 2.0. I use it daily.

  4. Josiah Mante says:

    Can't really agree to most points. The backplate adds to the fantastic weight and great handling, it would even be a bad idea to change that. A memory card for media is perfect as it's far easier to fill than internal memory. It's Android, so there ARE ways to hide unwanted apps. The price most likely won't change, the brezel is good as it allows the keyboard to be big enough. Yes, that one could really be a bit better, especially the touch pad.

    I've been using a z4 tablet for over half a year and the only thing I'm REALLY missing is multi tasking. It's for working after all and having to switch between inactive apps during flights or on the train is pretty annoying.

  5. Hassan Bergnaum says:

    How about full PlayStation 1 and 2 perfect emulation? They're Sony after all.

  6. Timmy Mraz says:

    Some people gripe about the Z4 Tablet's polycarb shell but I thought it was very sleek and not cheap-feeling at all. Don't forget, the most expensive luxury cars use plastic in their interiors, and it comes off as premium–as long as it's done right. Same with Sony–this is probably one of their better designs in the past few years, and critics agree. In fact, Florence Ion of PCWorld raved about the Z4, saying the design is the reason Sony should keep making mobile devices. She even quotes another MWC participant who said "loudly, 'Sony is so good at design.' It's true, and it would be a shame if the company doesn't try its hand at increasing its sales."

  7. Prof. Ariel Emard I says:

    I agree too. If 'premium' means less useable, then it isn't premium. The Xperia Z4's polycarbonate back means its easy to handle and very light–in fact, the Z4 is 43 grams lighter than an iPad Air 2. Being lighter means you're less likely to drop that device–and break that premium screen.

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