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Samsung knows what caused the Galaxy Note 7 fires – but won’t tell anyone


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  1. Andy says:

    They don’t want to annoy Qualcomm thats why!!

    if anyone still thinks its anything to do with the battery go take along look at yourself.

    1. Emil Oskarsson says:

      Yeah sure it was Qualcomms fault, so basically now I’m writing on a Xperia x Performance with Snapdragon 820 which can cause my phone to blew up at any minute. Give me a break do you even hear how crazy that sounds? It was certainly not Qualcomms fault and there’s nothing with their socs that can cause batteries to explode. End of discussion..

    2. marcyff2 says:

      That is a ridiculous argument as the majority of the phone manufacturers uses Qualcomm and the Samsung Note 7 is the only one to catch fire.

      It is due to poor testing on Samsungs side, nothing more nothing less. I like their products but they dropped the ball on this one, which is a petty as it was the best looking phone in a while and showed a lot of promise.

    3. Bob says:

      What has qualcomm got to do with it? there SOCs are on moreless all western phones and nothing has happened to them like literally none of them. also smamsung used both exynos as snadragon so again whut are you talking about.

      1. thereasoner says:

        Apparently there were no incidents on those European versions with the Exynos leading some to speculate that the SD processor was somehow involved.

        We should know for certain soon.

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