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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 release date, news and rumors


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  1. Erika Jerde says:

    Most of it all = Quick Charging! My Tab S2 takes 3-4 hours to charge.

    Bring back the battery from the Galaxy Tab S too. There was no solid reason to make the Tab S2 slimmer and greatly reducing the battery.

    And an improved keyboard, drop the touchpad as it's so poor don't bother and make the keys bigger with the extra space. £100 for it is overpriced too.

  2. Gerson Bogan II says:

    I noticed that too.

    But 4:3 is so much a better ratio for tablets. It was one of the major reasons I picked up the Tab S2.

  3. Terrence Raynor says:

    Are none of the professional sites reporting this going to point out that the renders of the S3 model are clearly 16:10 screen AR and not 4:3 as listed? I'm hoping that the listed specs are wrong and that it does turn out to be 16:10 like the first Tab S.

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