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    Yeah mean apple “use to” because now their in the same boat as everyone else.

  2. Joel Manton says:

    Am i the only one that hates edge screens? Was excited for the note 7 but then they did this too me!

    1. Gadgetonomy says:

      You’re in a minority to be fair. Edge screen versions have proved to be a far more popular choice in both S6 and S7 sales. Personally I still think aesthetically they look more premium and stand out from all other phones on the market. The edge screen on the Note 7 is much more subtle by all accounts in comparison to the S series.

  3. Prof. Chet Ward says:
    1. thereasoner says:

      Stock and demand and in the case of the UK, not one of the devices stronger markets. Did they even get a Note last year? The demand is apparently high and the stock limited. More countries are having their pre-orders and or launch pushed back every day as this may be a case of Samsung being caught off guard by the level of demand.

      As for simultaneously launching everywhere at once, that would be desirable but perhaps not feasible for a phablet device that won’t sell in the numbers of their regular flagships. Or it could leave them in a Apple like situation where stock dries up fast in the phablets biggest markets. They would either have to move the date back for the announcement and launch in order to build up stock and clash with the new iphones or start manufacturing much earlier.

      Personally I think that they should move the date up for launch so that it’s within 3 months of the S series phones instead of the current 4 months, especially if they are to use the same specs going forward. That of course would move production up even further. In any case, the new Note appears to be worth the wait.

    2. Gadgetonomy says:

      I agree the battery could be better but your overall comment is more ridiculous than the price point.

    3. Hans Pedersen says:

      Also, when Apple did that, they always had an extremely limited stock, in a few stores, running dry instantly. All to get people to line up in front of the stores and make it look like they’re selling beter than anything else. When Samsung launch, they’re available everywhere at the same time. That’s a much larger logistics endeavour.

      1. Gadgetonomy says:

        They aren’t available everywhere at the same time though, which is my point. The US get it first, then Australia then the UK and so on, all different releases. I very much doubt it’s down to logistics. Samsung is a phenomenally massive company and could easily release their product to everyone on the same date (not necessarily the same day as the announcement but the same release date) but they do this to strike deals with carriers. For people like myself who buy phones carrier free and thus paying a premium, should at least not have to wait so long (in my case 4 weeks)

        1. Hans Pedersen says:

          Why would All north american network providers strike a deal together to get it a couple of weeks before europe? logistics matters a lot in the real world. they’re shipped by boat. that takes time from china and korea, no matter how big a company is.

          1. Gadgetonomy says:

            Don’t make me laugh! They do indeed strike deals with carriers and as for the shipping comment that’s ridiculous. There would be nothing to stop shipments being in place and a mutual date set to launch. Besides there have been times when Europe got a new model before North America! Which way did the boat go that time?

          2. Hans Pedersen says:

            Name one big global release from a company not focused on a not-American market that ever launched in Europe before the US. Just one.

          3. Jon-Cameron Bates says:

            Yes, certainly… The Galaxy Note 3. It was launched in Europe on the 25th September and the US got it in October. Any other questions?

          4. Hans Pedersen says:

            Oh yeah, that right. Back in the days when US carriers always delayed releases because of the excessive bloat they had to cram on the devices. 😀

          5. Jon-Cameron Bates says:

            What’s that got to do with it? Not even sure why you are arguing about this with people here. I agree that it’s unfair we don’t get synchronized releases. Why don’t you?

          6. Hans Pedersen says:

            I am not defending rolled out releases. I’m saying they has always happened because you know, *real world logistics* around the planet takes time in volumes companies like Samsung sells devices.
            The fact that the disqus troll, Gadgetonomy, now tries to defend his stance on Samsung by flip-flopping like he was Donald Trump really doesn’t change that.

          7. Gadgetonomy says:

            You are accusing me of being a troll?!! That very comment including the Trump reference really puts you firmly in that category. I have put across my clear point about my frustration with staggered releases from Samsung. You reply with a comment that I disagreed with and it rattled you that someone dared to have an opinion and dared to challenge you and then when proof was provided you resorted to insults. That gives you Hans the definitive characteristics of a troll. You are not adding anything useful to my original comment so really I don’t see the point in you continuing to keep posting. Like I said you just make yourself look foolish.

          8. tyingagreement . says:

            Dude, I was actually going to be on your side about the logistics until the Donald Trump comment now I believe you don’t know what your talking about.

          9. Gadgetonomy says:

            You are making a fool of yourself Hans. Jon answered your question and you were caught off guard. Samsung do special deals with carriers, not just in the US. It should be possible to treat everyone fairly but for commercial reasons it doesn’t happen. Nothing to do with ships from China!

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