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  1. Alfonso Pagac says:

    Unless I'm mistaken the display is only 4K when viewing certain content, it's not on all the time so the screen wouldn't be sharper when viewing regular content.

  2. Etha Williamson says:

    As an actual owner of the phone I have to say that I am impressed. Looking at the screen on a screen doesn't show you how accurate and sharp it is. It looks beautiful. The speed is awesome and the fingerprint sensor is genius. Also the pure android experience the lack of apple's and Samsung's UI that is designed to placate to the less technologically savvy is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. The camera is good as far as a phone goes but it is no DSLR (NO PHONE is). In conclusion the screen is great, the camera is good, it looks good, it is not small though but I don't even notice it, and it is a great device. However everyone is different and no review or comment should ever influence your decision on what device is right for you. Decide for yourself.

  3. Marcus Frami says:

    I gotta say, I've had it for about 5 days now and im so extremely dissapointed with the battery. it was fully charged this morning at 8.00am and now at 1.03pm its down to 41%. I have not used it for more than 10 minutes at a time since im at work,(yeah slag me of for not doing anything, shut up! I've had 4 days off during 2015) screen is barely visible because I've seen people suggest to turn the auto off and to reduce the brightness, not even had spotify on because its Friday and I dont wanna lose my awesome headphones when im out drinking after work, read a few articles on the bus on my way to work this morning, browsed tinder for about 15 mins while on the toilet. no snapchat, no photos, no nothing! it overheats like crazy after a couple of minutes. I've had my z3 for a long time until now, and i was so extremely satisfied with it. so bummed out now with this phones potential, the soundcard in it has made my headphones sound like a brand new one, the 4k videos, that camera, and im just to scared to use it because either a) ill run out of battery before 9.00pm, or b) it'll actually burn a hole thorugh my pants. should I get into how long it takes to charge? nah…

  4. Camila Wehner says:

    You guys are biased to record heights, let's look at this review and the some of the negatives they spit. Design, they say its dated and boring etc they decided to use the understated black colour for their review, why not the chrome version which every single reviewer even the most biased ones have praised as a stunning looker and oozes premium. They didn't even mention that there are other colour options available. When u start a review like this using the worst colour option that really no one or very few will get without even mentioning that there's a far supreme gold and extremely crazy and rare chrome version available it speaks volumes about the intent of this review.

    They talk about the screen saying its superb but not much of a difference between it and a Qhd Samsung suggesting getting the cheaper Samsung as an overall better option cause the Z5p is expensive. How much is the Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus if i may ask? without even a 4k screen on board, how much is the i phone 6s plus 64gb version? The level of bias is incredible from some of these sites. You haven't even done a detailed head on comparison zooming both the Z5p and S6 edge plus or note 5 to see if there's a difference. It's a good thing some of us have seen several screen comparisons and can say categorically the Z5p has a better screen than the Note 5 and also has a better screen than the i phone 6s plus by a mile. They also talk about the phone being too large and yet the same negatives are never said about the iphone 6s plus that's a larger phone cause of the incredible record breaking bezels. The camera they say its good but a make a point that it isn't the best and that the Samsung s6 is better. It's a good thing its just your opinion, nothing factual and nobody rates your analysis as a benchmark for anything unlike Dxo mark. Then if the S6 camera is better as u claim why would Samsung be negotiating with Sony now to break the monopoly of the z5 sensor? They want the same sensor in the s7, i guess Samsung must be foolish to want an inferior sensor for the next s7. I can already come up with their next illogical answer to this: Sony's problem is software not hardware and that Samsung has better software and will produce better images as if they already seen it themselves first hand or Samsung has already tested the new sensor on their new phones and can see the difference with their optimized software. These guys can only deceive novices with these biased reviews really, it is sad though there are a lot of people who fall prey to these terrible reviews done deliberately to put Sony down so they don't have any success.

  5. Amber Armstrong MD says:

    the reviewer mentions an aluminum frame, but isn't the Z5 supposed to have stainless steel? Wondering if there is much of a difference between the two in terms of strength and overall design

  6. Claude Nicolas says:

    Please upload the same 4k video on the note 5 and compare both and see the massive difference between the Sony and the Note 5. I have seen a video comparison and the Sony display is miles ahead in sharpness, colour accuracy, white balance and dynamic range. Do this so you guys can stop ranting that there's no point of 4k on a smartphone.

  7. Mr. Norbert Ebert says:

    I bet if the iPhone had the same specs the article would not be as negative for what seems to me to be a fantastic phone.

  8. Houston Stark says:

    The screen?

  9. Emelia O'Hara II says:

    I really, realy want the t phone, it looks amazing!

  10. Maggie Prohaska says:

    For VR applications, the pixel density is a giant and necessary leap. I've been waiting for this.

  11. Dr. Oral Casper says:

    "Viewing angles are excellent, even though Sony isn't using its Triluminous screen tech in the Xperia Z5 Premium."

    DISPLAY5.5'' 4K UHD (3840×2160), 806 PPI, Triluminos display for mobile, X-Reality™ for mobile, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer

  12. Ernie Eichmann says:

    I have this phone, I work for a UK mobile network so get to try lots of phones. This is the best I have ever used! I have a GoPro Hero 4, and this plays back the videos perfectly! This is the advantage of the 4K screen, I can zoom in on a GoPro video while it is playing and the resolution does not degrade. No other phone that I am aware of would be able to do this. The battery IS very good, as long as you don't have everything running all at once and make use of stamina mode. The iPhone 6s doesn't come close. The S6 series would have done, but no micro sd card slot is a big error by Samsung.

  13. Prof. Cruz Donnelly says:

    So I've been a Samsung user for years due in large part to their screen quality and removable batteries (I've had an S2, S3 & S5). It's time to renew again. I'm bored of Samsung plus they have removed their USP (removable battery) and I want a bigger screen so I've been looking at the options.

    OnePlus 2 (signed up for an invite in early August)
    Sony Z5 Premium
    Blackberry Priv
    Google Nexus 6P

    I signed up for a OnePlus invite but gave up waiting after a couple of months (despite being bumped up the queue a lot with some referrals).

    I discounted the Privy as I don't care about the physical keyboard (I never used a Blackberry back when they were popular) and I don't believe they will be around this time next year. That said, the privacy settings were an attraction for me.

    I actually ordered a 6P, but cancelled it when I read about the Z5 Premium and wanted to wait for the reviews before deciding. I still think this looks like a great phone, and I probably would have bought this over the Sony.

    Then I looked at the Sony. Hmmm. I've no doubt the screen will look great, but since I don't use VR 4K on a phone is pointless to me. I think the camera looks good too, but since I'm nothing more than an occasional happy snapper, any decent phone camera is likely to be fine for me. So all that's really left to justify the Z5 Premium is PS4 remote Play. £700 is a lot for just that – especially when my tablet will need renewing in a little while and I can get the same function on a bigger screen for a much lower price then.

    Then my OnePlus invite arrived. I bought the 64Gb OnePlus 2, all new cables & adaptors (for work, car, portable battery etc) plus a case for less than half the cost of the Z5 Premium at launch. If I had bought the Sony I would have effectively spent more than the price of a PS4 console just to be able to occasionally play PS4 games on my phone.

    When the price comes down or the Z6 Premium comes out maybe I'll look again at the Z5 Premium, but for now it is just way too much money for something that has little or no benefit (for me!). TBH, except for the lack of fast charging, the OnePlus Two fits my needs perfectly.

    In my view as the market becomes mature and relatively less well-known players like OnePlus, Huawei and others up their game, top end phones from premium manufacturers will be much cheaper than they are now.

  14. Rod Conroy MD says:

    Well – I was sucked in by the hype over Apple products – I have suffered for the last 2 years with what I can only describe as a piece of junk (iphone 5) that continually annoys me everytime I do anything other than make a phone call !! Always used Sony products in the past – great quality – reliable – straightforward – none of this running out of battery after not even half a days useage – Truly wish I was not hoodwinked into changing to using an iphone – If this review is accurate then god only knows how poor the rest of the products are. Also – whilst I am here – Cant believe why anyone would use an ipad unless they are really really desperate for some form of media interaction. I work twice as quickly on a laptop – God knows how many deals I have lost before giving up and trashing my ipad mini in a fit of rage over being unable to match my laptop performance – Good riddance to a mediochre (at best) product!!

  15. Karolann Raynor says:

    the article is written with a tone of its good but who needs 4k, if apple half the specifications of this phone then it would be the best thing since slice bread. Gareth Beavis,wrote the article what you expect, if its not apple or Samsung then
    its not gonna be great. Hes articles are very bias. The z5 review was done by James Peckham and that was a fair review, i wish he could do the z5 premium
    review because it would more fair and balanced then gareth beavis.

  16. Prof. Angelina Thiel DDS says:

    Its not about samsung or apple or any other brand, wait n watch all would bring this 4K under the same Battery capacity 3500 MAH… except this f**k Apple would take years to bring, but sure it will bring.

  17. Nicholaus O'Conner IV says:

    There's a massive difference between the Sony 4k screen and what you have on the note 5. Go on you tube search for sony xperia z5 premium 4k test and see a direct comparison between the two phones and be amazed at what Sony has done with the screen which blows the note 5 out of the water.

  18. Ms. Madilyn Beier Jr. says:

    Can you invent a design and suggest it to Sony,just for you to be liked!

  19. Alba Kovacek says:

    It's mildly disappointing that the reviewer didn't mention the Zeiss VR One is bundled with early adopter boxes. This all of a sudden brings the 4k screen into focus (no pun intended) and makes it extremely relevant. 806ppi absolutely DESTROYS the competition and is THE most relevant 'feature' for effective VR. VR apps on this phone will be significantly higher resolution than on any dedicated VR headet already announced, PLUS, it won't require a $2k PC (I have a Rift DK2 and a $2K pc by the way). I will be ordering a z5 premium tonight.

  20. Mallie White says:

    Well said i am sick and tired off these biased reviews, its becoming boring
    end of the day the sony z series have always the best specifications and always the forefront of technology. No one takes this site seriously anymore, the best thing techradar done so far is was giving us good links to black friday deals, maybe they should do this fulltime.

  21. Jerry Moore says:

    Heh…with Sony, that would probably be a pixel quadrant rather than the whole screen.

  22. Zula Effertz says:

    Man I looked at the landing page of this site, and I was like ok, that's a site that lives on apple's d**k!

  23. Dr. Seth Langosh says:

    The phone accepts micro-SD cards up to 200gb, it's extremely waterproof, it has fantastic audio hardware, good battery life, one of the top cameras and a fabulous screen. Try putting the iPhone 6S or 6 Plus side by side with the Z5 Premium and watch Pandora (Avatar) 1080p on both. Everyone has an opinion but few have any real experience of using the phone. I have and the Z5 Premium is streets ahead.

  24. Kurtis Cassin says:

    Sell it for $400 and I'm in.

  25. Regan Buckridge says:

    do you like the phone? I am considering it now 😀

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