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Own a HTC 10? Here are the free gifts you’re getting


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  1. Geovanny Hermiston says:

    Except of course there's a huge price difference between the fairly limited Gear VR and the very expensive top end Vive, getting the Gears nice with Samsung (though wouldn't persuade me to get one as I'm not a fan of their software or hardware) but you'd be a fool to expect a Vive free with a HTC phone.

  2. Ellen Volkman says:

    What like the free Samsung Gear VR Samsung gave away with their S7 and S7 Edge phones?

  3. Tyrel Hettinger says:

    I just don't understand why they are cheaping out. Just send the hi-def headphones for god sakes. They want to increase good will towards their brand that would be a good place to start. I doubt those cost all that much. If they're trying to build brand loyalty they have to start making their products more enticing.

    If the onboard DAC is as good as reviews make it seem then most people won't have the necessary headphones to take advantage and it will be useless.

  4. Larue Grant DDS says:

    people lap up the same iPhone every year, but HTC gets reamed for giving away free cables…..Oh, the logic……

  5. Connor Bartell II says:

    HTC shouldn't have given anything as a gift. People are only crying about what they are getting for FREE. I pre-ordered my HTC10 within a week of it being available. I appreciate anything HTC will give away as a free gift. The gift was not a selling point for this phone. No one even knew about this until HTC stopped taking pre-orders. Those who are crying about it (wmurch3) need to save it for their mom or anyone who actually cares. Stop looking spoiled on the internet. Its not a good look. Its a FREE GIFT! Meaning they didn't have to give you anything.

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