Interbee 2016: Technical Farm Canon 24-105mm f4 L cine conversion with manual aperture


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  1. Dennis L Sørensen says:

    Just too bad they waited this long. Now there is the new 24-105 mk2..

    The Canon 24-105 mk1 is my most used lens because it is very versatile. But it is also my most hated lens because of the focus, zoom creep, getting darker at the long end, lack of sharpness, general image quality (very boring) and a very noisy IS.

    1. Newsshooter says:

      Yes the MkII certainly looks promising. Like it says in the article, if it turns out to be good then maybe a cine lens conversion will come.

  2. Jiri Vrozina says:

    Is it parfocal?

    1. Matthew Allard ACS says:

      I would have to test it properly to verify if it was or not.

      1. Newsshooter says:

        I doubt the 24-105mm f4L can ever be truly parfocal as that would require it to be designed to be that way by Canon, but it would be interesting to see if Technical Farm have made any attempt to get it closer to parfocal behaviour.

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