Huawei implied a P9 phone shot this pic, but it actually was a $4,500 Canon combo


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  1. giovanny.oberbrunner says:

    Leave it to a Chinese company to straight out lie in an advert.

  2. dkling says:

    My Huawei phone is a piece of garbage which I just replaced with an Iphone.

    Although I still own a chinese made phone it is not a Chinese manufacturers design like the throwHuawei is.

  3. hirthe.matteo says:

    Company lying about its product? China is mastering capitalism. Funny how they “unearthed” it. All they did is looked at it.

  4. Angus Cremin says:

    It was absolutely their intention to mislead.  It was not their intention to get caught.

  5. gardner18 says:

    “The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9 advert, was shared to inspire our community. We recognise though that we should have been clearer with the captions for this image. It was never our intention to mislead…”   HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Montana Dickinson says:

    When that day comes when you can take THAT pic with a cell phone, I’ll sell my SLR in a heartbeat.  Today is NOT that day when an incredibly tiny piece of glass and an unbelievably tiny sensor can do even remotely that. Way to go Android Police for busting their asses!

  7. Carleton O'Keefe PhD says:

    @gerardb63 We were heading that way with the Lumia 1020 and 808 but so few of us cared (I did) that they seem to have stopped pushing the envelope in that respect. 

    The 1020 was released in 2013, and had a 1/1.5 sensor. While I still use my DSLR for night shots and distance I’ve found that my 1020 (I have a 950XL which is almost as good as 1020) did replace my DSLR for macro shots. 

  8. Mr. Pierre Abernathy says:

    @vanquished…again @gerardb63 But it will still be a while (I honestly can’t see how it could ever) before a cell phone could replace a mid/high end SLR with an 85mm f1.4 or even f1.8 lens (or in that photo, I suspect it was taken with Canon’s 85mm f1/2 judging by the bokeh).  There are just simply elements of “big glass” that can’t be replicated if you need to keep the phone small enough to fit in your pocket.  Sure, they can increase the size of the sensor, but not enough to replicate a full frame one.  Unless you eliminate things like…oh, the ability to make phone calls? 🙂 

  9. koelpin.grayce says:

    @gerardb63 @vanquished…again I mean, it probably won’t. Because DSLRs keep getting better…

    At some point people said that a digital camera could never replace film. We’ve definitely reached that point.

  10. elbert18 says:

    @vanquished…again @gerardb63 For a great many photos we absolutely have, but again, not for the stuff with big glass, or big apertures (yes, cell phone aperatures have come way down, but for instance, on my Galaxy S7 it’s f1.7, but that’s on a tiny sensor, [maybe 6mm x 4mm], so it doesn’t remotely equate to f1.7 on a 24mm x 36mm piece of film.  So that 1.7 would have to be multiplied many times over to be the equivalent, that’s just physics).  Certainly the ubiquitous nature of cellphones now because everyone has a camera pointed at everything is something film could never have accomplished!  And don’t get me wrong, I take some great snap shots with my cell phone, but for me photography is art, not merely snap shots. 

  11. xmetz says:

    @gerardb63 @vanquished…again Oh, no. I wasn’t suggesting that a cellphone camera is better than film. I was saying DSLRs are now better/as good as film and it seemed like a longshot that they’d pass them at one time.

    I think since they gave up on the big sensor phones like the 1020 and 808 we’re in for a long wait for a phone that is as good as a current mid-range DSLR. Like I said, as DSLRs keep improving I doubt a cellphone cam will pass the best DSLRs out there.

  12. Ms. Eleanora Hessel I says:

    @vanquished…again @gerardb63 They certainly have massively eaten into the sales of the low end DSLR’s, that’s for sure! Why carry 2 cameras when 1 will do a good job (and let’s not forget, just about all cell phone camera images are used for is posting or printing relatively small, but even that is going the way of the dodo! lol).  Having a 16 mega pixel camera on a cell phone is, for the most part, massive overkill for what 95% of the images are used for!  And hey, I still use my cell camera way more than my DSLR, just because it’s always right in my pocket anyway, and I don’t have to carry a big bag of gear or pull it out of the bag. Just point and shoot. 🙂

  13. fbogan says:

    @gerardb63 @vanquished…again I still use my DSLR when I’m going on a trip and plan on taking photos but my Lumia 1020 with the 41mp camera (35+6) and now my 950XL with the 20mp camera have entirely replaced my Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot that used to use.

  14. Kayli Kulas says:

    Remember when Nokia did something similar? 

  15. Kiley Jenkins says:

    @derekaw You mean the fact they mentioned at the end of the article?

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