Finally! This Adapter Gives You Full Control of Nikon Glass on Sony Bodies


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  1. Peter Kelly says:

    This is of no interest to me and I doubt it will be of much use to many people, but I think it speaks volumes when you see the ever increasing number of items made for the Sony system.

    Trying to find a decent wireless flash system was like looking for hen’s teeth, but there are a few options now. Some of the more exotic lenses are appearing with an E mount, such as the Voigtlander WA.

    Could this finally be a sign that Sony will come to lead the market? (puts on tin helmet and runs for cover…)

  2. Hogarth Ferguson says:

    Doesn’t this defeat one of the greatest talking points of mirrors, everything is smaller? I mean, it isn’t, it never will be, but people really do throw that around when talking up its advantages. Now, your using DSLR lenses with an adapter, making any size savings negligible

    1. Zenettii says:

      The bigger advantage of this adaptor is to maybe help Nikon users switch. You can pick up a sony body and not have to immediately sell all your nikon lenses to buy more expensive sony ones.
      I totally understand what you are saying about mirrorless being “smaller” its BS and the body size is nothing because the lens more often than not is the issue of weight, size and imbalance. But it doesn’t hurt to remove old tech like mirrors flapping about. If they replace mechanical shutter, aperture and provide finger print reader on the shutter-button (or iris scanner on viewfinder) so it’s useless for anyone to steal your camera, and suddenly you have a camera that meets the modern day.

    2. WhatIsYourFavoriteColor says:

      I think the point is owning a smaller high quality body with the option of using a wider variety of lenses. Maybe you want to take your smaller kit in vacation with you but also want to bring a telephoto for a specific side trip.

      1. Stan B. says:

        True, but if they made a truly FF compact system, the need to use other lenses would be significantly less- it’s what made the original Olympus OM system so truly remarkable.

  3. PepperNation says:

    Way to go! this is officially a political conversation!

  4. Daniel says:

    One ring to rule them all (e-mount)

    1. Daniel says:

      One mount, 3 Adaptors, 5 Batteries, 0 Weather sealing

      1. Peter Kelly says:

        No cameras are weather sealed.

        There are some which are designed to be waterproof, but ‘weather sealed’ is a completely meaningless expression, as many have found out when their claim for repair under warranty is rejected because of water damage.

        The only time you might be able to hold a manufacturer to any promises would be if the items carried an IP rating.

  5. Tanstaafl56 says:

    think i’ll just stay with Nikon bodies, thank you very much.
    Fotodiox does make some nice stuff tho, I have a B4Magic adapter for my bmpcc and it’s clear as can be with good performance.

    1. Fullstop says:

      You’re welcome.

  6. Matt says:

    Petapixel – it’s the same adapter as the Commlite/Vello AF adapter, which is somewhat limited. Different color scheme, designed for Trump fans apparently.

    1. Fullstop says:

      Just stop already.

    2. Mike says:

      What does Trump have to do with this? You must be one of those liberals who need safe spaces and cry rooms because the criminal didn’t win.

      1. Matt says:

        Sensitive much? I was talking about the obnoxious gold color scheme.

      2. StudioLife says:

        You’re right about one thing: Trump has nothing to do with this.

        You’re wrong about everything else. Despite how much the right loves to use the buzz phrase “safe space”, they are the ones that throw tantrums anytime some calls them out/sits during a song/says happy holidays instead of Christmas/designs a holiday coffee cup. In fact, this is the most recent example of any politician on either side demanding a “safe space”.

        1. Mike says:

          You are right. Both sides can be “sensitive.” But it makes it ironic when the actor lecturing on diversity is in a show that did a casting call for “non-whites.” How diverse is that?

          I disagree with your comment of “Sits during a song”. It is actually our National Anthem and I understand that it is people’s choice. However, if it is so bad here that there is not even enough pride to stand during our National Anthem, then they should leave and see how these other countries are.

          On a positive note, no one person can destroy this great nation so I do not want to get into an argument. Both sides are so blindly loyal that they will never agree with each other, even when presented with facts.

          Have a great day!

          1. Stan B. says:

            Question: “How diverse is that?”

            Ans: Very- as diverse as this country is in reality.

            Question: How diverse was it when Whites played Asians using make up and bad accents, or African Americans in Blackface and bad accents?

            Ans: 0%

            Question: Seriously- did you even think before you asked that question?

        2. Stan B. says:

          Be careful what you say- or they’ll boycott a year long Sold Out show…

          1. burks.jessica says:

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      3. Pete L. says:

        Pretty sure he meant the shiny gold part and not a commentary on his politics.

        Any relation to George Wallace?

        1. Mike says:

          Nope, but thanks for asking.

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