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Buying Guide: The 5 best 13-inch laptops: top portable yet powerful notebooks


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  1. Prof. Curt Shields Jr. says:

    If you live within the apple eco system then apple laptops/Desktops are a natural way to go.
    I have used apple computers for years and love the expreience, however its mainly the software that has kept me here all these years.
    If you are a windows person though there are some really excellent devices availible these days, all the tablet laptop hybrids etc are great looking machines.

  2. Makayla Jones says:

    Have to say though buddy like everthing else in life……….You get what you pay for !!

  3. Mrs. Lauren Cummerata V says:

    Beware of the xps 13 inch 2015 model. I own one and the trackpad is awful . Yes awful! (purchased Sept 2015) There are lots of complaints about it and Dell isn't taking it seriously. I have upgraded to the latest bios and trackpad firmware – no luck. If you are not convinced, search Google for "Dell XPS 13 2105 trackpad problems".

  4. Dr. Matt Kirlin says:

    Just wanted to point out that the Asus Zenbook UX305 description in the article is actually describing the Toshiba Satellite Z930.

  5. Ardella Johnson says:

    ya these 13 inch small notebooks are really portable and easy to handle specially when it comes to handling projects reports for the college students of the final year

  6. Dr. Hertha Thiel says:

    Why isn't the 13" Retina Display MacBook Pro on here? That thing is extreme!

  7. Polly Kiehn says:

    The new Macbook Pro 13" is the best option for anyone interested in buying a new laptop. As a windows user for years, it does take some getting use to but, you will never have to deal with the frequent "updates" and worry about renewing your virus protection every year.

  8. Aditya Bartoletti says:

    Are you tempted by the idea of an "iPad Pro" at all Ian? Maybe an iPad-like device that runs OS X?

  9. Celia Ziemann says:

    i7 PC MACHINES>mbpros fact
    This coming from a longtime faithful Mac user.
    Apple is trying to turn MBPro into an Air, thinner,less durable, no fans for cooling…. Expect a lot of Genius Bar visits after the release lol

  10. Elisha Rosenbaum says:

    Good spot! This has been corrected.

  11. Mrs. Alvena Christiansen Jr. says:

    Absolutely I think an iPad running osx would be fantastic.

  12. Nakia Beier says:

    The biggest failing of all of these is the lack of dedicated graphics. I can understand the lack at low pricepoints, but if I paid £800+ for a laptop I'd expect it to be able to do some light gaming. Very disappointing that it can't given the (high) price.

  13. Mrs. Ilene Will says:

    Been an Apple user since a kid on Apple IIE. I'm making the jump to a Windows 10 i7 machine. Tired of Mac Flash conflicts, and Macs are just plain overpriced.

  14. Dr. Deontae Hagenes says:


  15. Grayce O'Kon MD says:

    Why do all these best laptops start at >£700
    Why not include a Brazos option (£250)

  16. Mr. Vaughn Keebler MD says:

    What about Sony Vaio Z Series? It blows out of the water the competition. It has full power Ivy Bridge i7, best display than all those above (as gamut/color reproduction), it's incredible light (1,12kg), insanely fast SSD, 8GB RAM, Power Media Dock with Blu-ray writer, and top quality assembly materials.

  17. Dr. Darrell Mayer DVM says:

    What about Alienware 13" Gaming laptop it costs same as macbook pro and has superior graphic card among other.

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