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Apple vs Samsung: tech giants head to the US Supreme Court


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  1. thereasoner says:

    It really isn’t about the money for either of these two companies, it’s chump change for both, this is about saving face. Apples only substantial win despite over a dozen different tries in various jurisdictions, took place at home in a small courtroom in their own backyard of Cupertino.

    Apple originally wanting 2 billion, then getting awarded 1.1 billion initially in a thoroughly corrupted and mistake riddled case then seeing that verdict and award amount getting destroyed in various appeals and now sitting at a pair of amounts that total roughly 500 million and more appeals filed by Samsung, including the Supreme Court mentioned here, still to come. Apple needs to come away with a substantial amount in the end or it will be proven once and for all that Apple was threatening an entire industry for years and playing the victim with IP claims that were never valid to begin with.

    1. DecimationPro says:

      Apple has lost almost every major case outside the US vs Samsung.

  2. fortyminstofive says:

    Apple are the only company to always make me smile. Because they’re a joke.

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